Monday, October 4, 2010

1,000,000 Things For Which I Am Grateful

Of course, I am not sure if I can actually write one million things, but if I were to break down each element of gratitude, find all the levels and nuances, and describe the specific hue of each experience, I just might be able to state countless general and specific items. This is purely an exercise for me because of the General Conference talk by President Thomas S. Monson concerning becoming more grateful and returning to Father in Heaven in prayer and listing our reasons for gratitude. I have recorded only 100 things, but I feel I could write a 10,000 word essay on each item, so 100 x 10,000 = 1,000,000.

1. Father in Heaven and Mother in Heaven

2. Jesus Christ

3. The Holy Ghost

4. Unembodied and disembodied spirits and Angels, who work on my behalf continually.

5. Prayer

6. My Testimony

7. The Gospel of Jesus Christ

8. The Atonement of Jesus Christ

9. My reliance on Jesus Christ for everything

10. Forgiveness


12. Faith

13. Mercy

14. Charity

15. Love & Peace

16. Hope in Christ

17. Grace & Ease

18. Compassion and Empathy

19. The four standard works (The Holy Bible, The Book of Mormon—The Second Witness of Jesus Christ, The Doctrine & Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price)

20. The words and counsels of modern day Prophets

21. Joseph Smith

22. Thomas S. Monson

23. All other Modern Day Prophets

24. Ancient Prophets, but particularly Nephi, Isaiah, Moses, Alma the Elder & Younger, Lehi & Nephi the 2nd, John the Beloved, Matthew, and many others

25. Clear direction

26. Commandments

27. Temples

28. Genealogical Research Work

29. Family Sealings

30. Church Materials

31. Insights from other LDS scholars

32. General Conference

33. Callings

34. Sacrament

35. Church Meetings

36. LDS Non-Fiction Religious Written Works

37. Teachings received by my heart

38. A Mighty Change of Heart

39. Humility

40. Gratitude (a thankfulness for all He does)

41. Praise (a thankfulness for who He is)

42. Service (giving and receiving)

43. Revelations

44. Church sanctioned videos

45. Other uplifting, religious, LDS videos

46. Hymns

47. Having a eye single to the glory of God

48. Many, Mighty Miracles

49. Seminary & Institute classes and teachers

50. All church leaders

51. Specific examples of church leaders counseling and guiding me

52. Sacrifice

53. Adversity

54. My loving and selfless husband

55. Our children (I have four, two biological and two in love)

56. Our grandchildren (only other grandparents understand this one fully)

57. My parents and step-parents

58. My in-law parents

59. Our brothers and sisters,

60. Our extended family (this list is huge and goes back countless generations)

61. My dear, sweet, caring, loving, giving, sharing, compassionate friends (I wish I could name you all by name…this could make up the majority of my gratitude list)

62. The many missionaries that have impacted our lives deeply

63. Our sweet pets, who’ve made us laugh and give us such joy

64. Our universe

65. Our galaxy & stars we see

66. Our moon for its light and mystery

67. Kolob (where Heavenly Father works)

68. Our sun for its life, light, warmth, and stability of our solar system

69. Our precious earth

70. All of nature (all things that grow upon this earth)

71. All the living things on the earth (all that walk, swim, fly, and creep)

72. All of the water that brings me peace which passes understanding

73. Our atmosphere which keeps us safe, brings us the ability to live here, and provides amazing beauty

74. All of the land, including the plains, mountains, hills, & valleys

`` 75. My body (all organs, systems, glands, processes, cells, DNA, & energy)

76. My mind and all of its intricate abilities, knowledge, memories, etc. etc.

77. My spirit, which I treasure, which I have hurt, & which I now honor and protect and love

78. My experiences, past, present and future

79. My feelings and emotions, which continue to teach me

80. My gifts and talents, which I am growing and developing

81. My health, including the endless things I can do

82. My dreams and visions

83. All the things I have learned and applied and shared

84. My growing ability to love, by virtue of the Great Exemplar

85. My life and breath, which is a gift from Jesus Christ

86. My interests, particularly my joy of reading and drive toward learning

87. My knowledge and use of sign language

88. Our home and the shelter it affords us

89. All the material things that have been freely and generously given to us

90. The modern conveniences which make life easier & more enjoyable

91. Our vehicles

92. Our spa bedroom

93. Our genealogy and the work that’s been accomplished

94. Our personal photographs and videos

95. Our newly-gained knowledge of giving our bodies what they need to operate at their optimum

96. People who share their knowledge, wisdom, gifts, insights, goods, and food with us

97. Our opportunities to serve others

98. All the books I’ve devoured and the long list of others I intend to read

99. My current health situation and all the lessons I’m being taught

100. Our vacations and time with our family

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