Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Brief Update

I've had several people ask about my current condition. I am doing so much better, but no where near ideal. I am so much better. Most of my symptoms have completely subsided. The strict diet has served me well and I am continuing with it. I still do not take in dairy (occasionally hard cheese, but that's all), meat, sugar, bad fats, and high fructose corn syrup. A good side effect of this is that I weigh within 12 pounds of my goal weight now. The main thing I struggle with is energy. I fight hard to move around, which I do. The days I am somewhat active leave me depleted, but I am so grateful for being able to move at all. I have my faculties back because my illness struck my neurological system for a time. I feel strengthened through Christ, my faith, and the prayers of so many.

Now is time to express my deep gratitude for all I have learned during this time of crisis. I have three areas that I am praying for a miracle, a turnaround, or extreme blessings. The answers to those prayers must demand great sacrifice, patience, and knowledge. The end result I seek is so worth every second of hardship. I used to pray to Father in Heaven that "I am ready", but I have now changed that to "Am I ready?" It's a switch of two words, but the meaning is a world apart.

I have learned through this process that we can become creators in our own lives. The creation process is a learned process. I have been shown some of the "mysteries" necessary for creation, but in increments. We need to first have "holding places" to put specific bits of knowledge. We first must make those "holding places" ourselves. It is step upon step, line upon line, and cannot be accomplished all at once.

Now is the time for repentance and forgiveness. Now is the time for learning and growing. Now is the time for recognizing and developing talents and skills. I am incredibly grateful for every part of my life that has led me to this point. I used to believe we are a sum total of our experiences and we are. However, now I believe there is step beyond that. It is because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we experience a mighty change of heart. It is after that mighty change that we have an opportunity to become entirely new creatures or creations. It is by the Infinite Atonement of Jesus Christ we have a new spirit, a new mind, and a new body. He not only helps us as we change our behaviors; he alone changes our very natures.

I have learned through adversity, hardships, and long suffering the steps necessary for great change and for greater learning. For unique reasons I needed this particular path to arrive at this point. I am not done, I have not arrived, I still have much to learn. I love how Christ loves. I am so very grateful for all that He is and all that He does and all that He will do. I feel I am a testament to His goodness, mercy, and love. I am yet unsure what is ahead of this journey, but I am faithful it is the right and true path for me.

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