Monday, September 20, 2010


Okay, I admit it's not like being forced off a moving train, but it came as a shock to me nonetheless. My stomach and entire digestive track has decided to take a much-needed vacation, so they've resolved to not allow food to pass through them without pain, discomfort, and trouble for what appears to be an extended period of time. Rather than be stubborn and force my system to accept whatever food I so choose to eat, I've decided to give my body only the BEST foods and herbs this good earth provides. Apparently, my body can heal best from ingesting fresh vegetables, fruits, and only select grains.

Veganism, as I understand it, involves eating only foods that come from anything that didn't originally have a face. Any foods that came from anything that once had a face can severely affect my body in most negative ways. I do still experience many negative effects from eating even the best the earth can grow. The effects include near-constant migraines, pain in my upper abdomen (liver), and great discomfort in my bones, muscles, and joints. However, after acquiring all the knowledge I can on this subject, I will submit entirely to what my body most needs now and not continue as status quo.

I began cutting back my diet on July 15th by eliminating gluten. For those of you who do not know, cutting out gluten is a pretty tough thing to do in our current society. Next beginning on August 5th I cut my diet down, per my physician's instruction, to just five food items. Then after two weeks, I began to add one new item every three days. However, I fell in a physiological way quite rapidly. So I began a raw food juice diet on September 1st and took only this with the herbs prescribed by my doctor for the next 8 days. I really thought I was starving because I was ingesting no fiber at all. I am happy to report my stomach had shrunk from July 15th to September 8th, such that I could become full easily and actually rarely experienced hunger. By September 9th, I was quite ready to add some whole foods to my diet, so we have discovered the joy of vegan "meats". I look forward to my daily vegan "bacon, burger, sausage, or chicken. Seriously people, this stuff tastes fantastic!! I am not joking, I love it!

I have entirely eliminated caffeine via diet soda for over a month now and only drink alkaline water (thanks Nancy), raw food juice, and almond milk. White sugar is a thing of the past and may not be a part of my future. Admittedly when your taste buds are accustomed to meat, pre-packaged, and fast foods, raw foods taste extremely strong. I actually cried a lot at first because the taste was so overwhelming. I am happy to report my tongue has become more accepting of new stronger flavors.

I have also eliminated all prescribed medications and only take in the herbs I need each day to heal my digestive track, my adrenal glands, my thyroid, my liver and kidneys, and other organs and systems. Through much prayer and meditation, I understand fully I am NEVER alone and healing will happen in time. Still it is difficult to never feel well. It is a trial to have constant pain, to feel fatigued and weak always, and to receive only temporary reprieves from headaches and migraines and the resulting nausea. It is a bit frustrating to experience trouble falling asleep, sleep restlessly, and wake hurting. I am so very ready to be well, and I believe I am doing all I can to become better. I will not falter and will not give my body what it does not need.

Now I am submitting to my Heavenly Father's will and am exercising all the patience I can muster. I am no martyr and am quite honest about the times I wish it could all be over. I am using all my prior knowledge about positive thinking, the power of attraction, and creative visualization. My heart is open in prayer, my dreams for a bright and abundant future are sure, my mind and eyes are open to the wonders of the Spirit, and my soul is in complete submission for the will of Father in Heaven.

I count my many blessings for the most wonderful husband on the planet, sorry girls he's all mine! I am thankful for the four best children and three most beautiful and hilarious granddaughters in the whole world! I am grateful for my two mothers and my many, selfless friends, who give to me in every way, spiritual and temporal!! I cannot fully express my deep feeling of love and thankfulness for Jesus Christ, His Atonement and Charity and Mercy! I have confidence in His plan for me and look forward to the future He has in store for me.