Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm actually trembling right now watching the live coverage of the Israelis and Hamas in Gaza. I know many of the signs for the last days have already come to pass...if not most of them. Now I am, I have to say this word, fearful the timer has begun. Those who are anti-American and anti-Israeli (many of which are Americans themselves) will be actively choosing sides very, very soon. We are, I feel, watching the beginning stages of a worldwide conflict, which will have truly terrible consequences. Our faith will be tested to the ultimate limits, and we have to remain true and faithful as we observe the world become more and more wicked. I needed to type these words for my own wish to the universe and to those I love most and to all of my brothers and sisters that we stand strong and together and unified. We will need each other now more than ever before. May God bless the righteous and have mercy on the unrighteous.

I am now reading a truly remarkable, important book about the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister. In the foreword penned by Robert L. Millet, he wrote, "Some things simply matter more than others. The Atonement is the central act of human history, the pivotal point in all time, the doctrine of doctrines." I have learned so very much from this work and hope to share some important points we all may need to focus on in the upcoming period of time. All the quoted sections are taken directly from this book.

"Elder Marion G. Romney [said] 'Jesus then went into the Garden of Gethsemane. There he suffered most. No man, nor set of men, nor all men put together, ever suffered what the Redeemer suffered in the garden.' What a doctrine! The composite suffering of all men of all ages, of all works does not surpass the Savior's suffering in the Garden. Elders McConkie and Talmage [believed] that the concluding events of the Savior's life suggest the trials of Gethsemane did in fact recur and even intensify on the cross. Elder Talmage believed the Savior literally died on the cross of a broken heart, suggesting this event was the culmination and conclusion of his mission. Perhaps this was the physical sequel to his bleeding from every pore. Not unmindful of the Savior's control over life and death, Elder Talmage gave this perspective: 'While, as stated in the text, the yielding up of life was voluntary on the part of Jesus Christ, for He had life in Himself and no man could take His life except as He willed to allow it to be taken, (John 1:4; 5:26; 10:15-18) there was of necessity a direct cause of dissolution...the strong, loud utterance, immediately following which He bowed His head and 'gave up the ghost,' when considered in connection with other recorded details, points to a physical rupture of the heart as the direct cause of death...Great mental stress, poignant emotion either of grief or joy, and intense spiritual struggle are among the recognized causes of heart rupture.'" (Talmage, Jesus the Christ, 668-69, emphasis added) as taken from (Callister, The Infinite Atonement, 117-156).

As we each may, and likely will, experience times of a true broken heart, great physical suffering, mental stress, poignant emotions, and intense spiritual struggle in the near future, we need to remember Christ suffered for us and knows our trials and hearts. He has felt each thought, word, and act that resulted in his suffering. He came as our Savior, not only an universal but also a personal atonement. We must remember to offer our own broken heart and contrite spirit and accept this greatest of all gifts that ever was, is, or will be!

God bless us, everyone!


NanC said...

I am in total agreement. We must stay the course to which we have committed. It is not enough to be a member of the gospel we must act upon every concept and principle. It is essential we remember who we are and what we represent.
Thanks for sharing Alicia, it's wonderful to read comments from a true Latter-day Saint!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I would LOVE to see you post with this type of information,theme, and thoughts more frequently! It is so great to feel unified with other likeminded individuals who are also watching, wondering, worrying, of the signs of the times. Alicia, you have so much to teach that I want to hear more and more of what you know and feel about it. It has made a large impact on my actions.
It is so unlifting to read others' thoughts and ideas about this in a world that takes so little seriously that is important and makes important matters of no consequence!