Monday, November 3, 2008

Wriing Assignments

I cannot believe I am doing this, but in my writing class we are encouraged to share (if we want) what we write with others. If any of us in the class plan to be published, we need to have no less than four proof-readers. Which means we need to share our writing with others. Breathe Breathe...I can do this!!

One of our first assignments was to write in class a quick story (meaning in about 10 - 15 minutes) given two topics. I needed to start with the subject of a "circus or carnival" and needed to end the story with the phrase "forever be a librarian." My initial thought was I don't care for carnivals and how would I get to "forever being a librarian." So I thought I should use my dislike for carnivals and capture that emotion somehow. The following is what I wrote within the time period.

"I grew up traveling every week to a new location. Staying three days, packing up, and moving on. I never made friends. People looked at my family as though we were less than or they did not look at us at all.
My mother and father died right after I was born in a drunk driving accident. In fact, that person responsible for their death had just come from the carnival, our carnival.
My brother and I did not attend school, but my uncle did the best he could to raise us. Our school lessons happened as he drove our camper from place to place. Uncle Pete gave us assignments each morning in Math, History, English. As we watched the outside world flash by, he would give us verbal quizzes about what he knew of each subject.
When we arrived in each new town, I would immediately inquire about where my brother and I could find the nearest library. My uncle would drop us off and go to set up the carnival. Meanwhile, I would get lost in whatever new adventure I could read about in the first book I grabbed from the shelf, knowing full well my time there would be limited.
Being away from the sights, sounds, and smells of the carnival - the very thing that took my parents from me - was what led me to forever being a librarian."

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