Monday, November 3, 2008

Writing Assignment II

Topic: Why I write?
Some periods I can't help myself. I simply must write. Words flow out of me as though I were a river meeting with a cliff face and the sudden waterfall represents the words as they fall on the page. Other times the river is dammed; the water is cut off with no release, no path for the moving water. Likewise I feel no impetus to write as if the need has been removed, or I feel my words could benefit no one, so my desire to record my thoughts is squelched in the mountain spring stage.
When pressed, I can usually find a topic about which I could go on and on extrapolating each nuance and sub-thought to its desired fulfillment. I find such events occur either in letters or emails. I can utilize those moments for expressing feelings and desires as well as playing with language and words. Even text messages between me and my family and friends become catalysts for me and my playful adventure with linguistics.
I feel sure that the readers of such messages are taken aback and may even consider the writer to be a nitwit or loon. However, my need for written expression supersedes my worry of what others will think of me.
So, I write to express inner thoughts, desires, dreams, worries, and ideas. I require an outlet for such as I engage in creative language usage. Until recently I thought I could publish these as story ideas, but now I believe I can use my writing for personal enjoyment and for sharing with family and friends and future posterity.

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