Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top Ten Secrets About Me

10. When I am feeling deeply connected to someone, I so want to touch his/her face with the palm of my hand.

9. I love kissing my loved ones in that little crook between the corner of the eye and the temple. It's perfectly form - fitting for my lips!

8. I wish people could say what is in our minds instead of censuring our thoughts constantly, but only if the words are positive, uplifting, or helpful. I have found when I am lovingly honest, people respond in a very positive way.

7. I really do believe I am correct about my thoughts on the last days, and I find it somewhat shocking when people don't believe me, especially those closest to me.

6. I am touched when I see people looking deeply into each other's eyes. I feel that's when we most reveal our humanness and are communicating spirit to spirit.

5. In the past I have overestimated my worth in other people's eyes. I have, thankfully, come to understand my own nothingness. However, even with my zero balance (and sometimes a negative balance), that added to Christ's infinite value equals an infinite value for me.

4. I am always looking for miracles, great or small. Many, mighty miracles take place every day.

3. I have incredible dreams and believe with my whole heart they will all come true.

2. I look for qualities in all people that I can love and then endeavor to focus on those positive qualities only. I want people to disregard my faults and flaws, so I will offer them the same consideration.

1. I am still passionately in love with my husband.

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