Friday, September 5, 2008

Message to my friends

September 5, 2008
So many of you definitely brought your "A-game" to this world and your life! You are passionate and fun-loving, and you give your whole being and live in each moment to its fullest. I am so very delighted to know you and want somehow to give back to you and use your example and give forward as well. I have lived a small life, important and meaningful, but small. Many of you have lived and are living a large life, important and meaningful and large. It's a little strange to me, if I may confess something personal to you, that when I was little I envisioned that I would live a large life. Either I have made choices that caused me to be on a different tract and Heavenly Father has helped me make the best of it, or those visions were just a survival technique for me back then. I have now made friends, I hope, with people who have lived such a big life and shared their lives with me, through small ways, and I am made better for it!! You are incredible and such an inspiration. I heard one time from someone (can't remember who now) that we will be asked four questions on judgement day and they are: What have you given to your family? What have you given to your community? What have you given to your country? What have you given to your world? Whether it is true or not, I really like the questions a lot. I think sometimes that I'd like to be a fly on the wall during that interview with people who have lived a large life because their answers will be so interesting! take care and know I feel privileged to know you!!

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