Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top 100 Things I Want to Do in My Lifetime

Top 100 Things I Want to Do in My Lifetime
February 19, 2007

See God
Be sealed with the Holy Seal of Promise
Always be full tithe payers
Always have temple recommends
Buy my dream house in Utah
Be financially free
Help our children achieve their dreams
Pay for their college education
Get a Bachelor degree
Take our entire family on a Book of Mormon tour or cruise
Go to Germany (Walker family sites & castles), France (Paris & the Louvre), and the UK
Tour England, Wales, and Scotland (Inverness)
Seeing all historical sites, including Roslin Chapel
Visit the areas where our ancestors lived
Go to Virginia to find the Helton line
Research genealogy in the countries of our ancestors
Go to Southern Illinois & visit court houses and cemeteries to find ancestors’ records
Attend as many temples in the world as we can
Have food storage for at least six people for one year
Have all the emergency preparedness items we would need for any & all emergencies
Write a book
See it published & well-received
Be physically fit and well (working on this now)
Give financially to African relief organizations
Devote time to help others with their genealogical efforts
Buy our children cars (already gave Ryan a car!)
Buy a dream van
Buy Clyde a 4-wheel drive truck
Open our home to weekly dinners and game night
Be financially able to travel to visit our family a couple times a year & allow them to travel here to Utah to see us
Learn to can & store foods
Learn to quilt
Make quilts for Ryan & Kori
Continue to learn the mysteries of God
Be charitable, loving, accepting, and understanding
Bear my testimony at every opportunity
Be helpful and serve others when called upon
Look for opportunities to serve others
Open our home as a refuge
Camp at Johnson Shut-ins again
Have home health equipment (Bow Flex Tread Climber & Revolution) and use it daily
Have it be known that all we have is available to any who wish to use it
Give back to the fast offering
Give to Mission, Humanitarian, BOM, Perpetual Education funds
Have a emergency room set up
Have exercise room set up
Be able to have acupuncture done for neck, shoulder, and back
Have health insurance for all of us
Go on a horseback riding trip
Go to Grand Canyon
Go to Yellowstone Park
Fly or Float
Go on a white water rafting trip
Serve a humanitarian vacation
Have a trust fund set up for Ryan and Cindy & Kori and Derek
Send Clyde on a baseball fantasy trip
Organize family history information
Get documents for family history
Write my history
Serve in the temple
Send kids on a semester abroad
Go rappelling
Have a pretty yard
Plant a garden and reap the harvest
Clyde & I go to the temple weekly
Bike ride or walk daily (accomplishing the walking daily)
Live peaceably & reflect peace (Feeling a lot of peace)
Live joyfully & reflect joy (Feeling a lot of joy)
Live lovingly & reflect love (Feeling a lot of love for others & from others)
Have charity & reflect Christ’s pure love
Live happily & reflect happiness (Feeling a lot of happiness)
Live Christ-like attributes & reflect those outward
Serve willingly
Have a sincere heart (open mind)
Study the scriptures everyday
Learn a third language
Increase my knowledge everyday through reading and pondering
Be less critical or not critical at all
Do not murmur
Tame my tongue


Jozzie said...

You're the Gospel in Amazing Action!

Anonymous said...

You've got great goals. I can see that you've accomplished many of them. In a large way you have become what you desired to become. There's not much more one could want out of life!
I already read your personal history and your chapters. I meant to tell you this weeks ago but didnt see how to comment! You are a very interesting person, although I already knew that.